O melhor lado da Toronto Meal Deals

I know the word “cheap” mean different things to different people, but to me anything in the $10 range is fair, especially if the portions are large enough for me to eat for two meals.

With a price per plate of $12.50, it’s as affordable as that take-out you’d be grabbing otherwise – and this way you actually know what you’re putting inside your body.

If you want a quick and affordable snack, you should hit up Allwyn's Bakery and get their beef patties. For less than $5, this is a quick way to fuel up.

I’ve been coming to Nguyen Huong since I was a kid, and my grandma even used to make rice cakes for their store!

Beaches While you can get some of the craziest burgers with grilled cheese buns, chili and cheese-stuffed mushrooms at Burger’s Priest, standard cheeseburgers are still also just $6.29 here.

43. Starbucks: Join the Starbucks rewards program and get free food or drink on your birthday. Here are some other ways to get free Starbucks drinks.

This guide covers 19 of the best here coupon apps in Canada so you can sign up and start saving on your shopping today.

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Jerk King is a popular Caribbean restaurant located in downtown Toronto. The restaurant has a cozy and intimate atmosphere with dark wood accents and colourful decor. The menu features traditional Caribbean dishes, including jerk chicken, curry goat meal, and oxtail meat. 

Using the senior discounts available in Ontario is a great starting point to reduce everyday expenses. Many establishments will give you up to 25% OFF if you’re 55 and older. Take Goodwill, one of the best thrift stores in the country, for example.

Use coupon apps like those in this guide. Many of the apps listed provide grocery coupons so you can make large savings on your grocery shopping.

Red Lobster gives you a birthday coupon if you sign up for their Fresh Catch News, and you must sign up at least 10 days before your birthday to receive it.

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Yorkville Kebaberie has chicken, beef or veggie kebab sandwiches and chicken or beef shawarma sandwiches for under $10.

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